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Roundtable Meetings

Roundtable Meetings

In this video we’re going to talk about our Roundtable meetings. These are bi-weekly meetings that we have every other Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. All of the offices get together for this meeting, it’s been great for the group. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and the meeting has been a huge success.

What is the goal of the Roundtable meeting?

The Roundtable meeting is to provide continued education for every realtor that works in the firm. We’re in an industry that moves very quickly we need to be able to report on what’s going on and hopefully make some predictions on what will be happening in the future.

What is the meeting format?

Well as the name roundtable meeting would suggest, this is an open format where every realtor from our firm that is at this meeting is part of the dialogue, so we’re really going around the room to hear from everyone. You know, when you’re trying to understand all the changes that we might have in the real estate industry and housing market you need everybody’s input and specifically when you’re trying to determine where the industry might be heading, what is the next big thing, you definitely want to hear from everybody you have in the office. So having all of our heads together and having an open discussion is something that’s been critical to our success.

Are these meetings held at one of your offices?

They are sometimes, but I would say that it is rare. 90% of the time we’re going offsite to learn more about a new product or project, generally these are new construction projects or they’re a listing that somebody might have in the office. We want to take the meeting opportunity as also an opportunity to learn more about a new townhome, house, or a new community, so offsite is generally what we do for the roundtable meetings.

Is there a benefit to having it offsite versus in an office setting?

All we have to sell in this business is our time, so what I’m always trying to do with every meeting is make the most out of it for everybody who is in attendance. We talked about the benefit of being offsite, being educational of a new product, so we’ve really found a way to create a meeting where we’ve got this open forum discussion on what’s happening in the industry and they’re learning about a new product at the same time, so that seemed to be a dual benefit that we couldn’t pass over.

These meetings are an immense benefit for all involved, and I’m looking forward to our next discussion about real estate marketing.

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