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Rezoning in historic Belmont neighborhood

Rezoning in historic Belmont neighborhood

More proposed development in historic Belmont. A developer with a focus on small-scale, environmentally friendly residential development has filed a rezoning petition to build more housing and commercial space in the booming neighborhood adjacent to center city Charlotte.

Seeking to rezone a 0.5-acre parcel on Seigle Avenue to build up to 35 residential units and one commercial space (measuring about 1,500 square feet).

The developer aims to build high-density, infill townhouse projects in neighborhoods near the light rail. The stated mission of the development company is building residences with moderate density, net-zero energy and sustainable materials that are close to transit.

Proposed development in former mill neighborhoods around Charlotte spurred a conversation at Charlotte City Council’s zoning meeting about increased density. Many projects are seeking a level of density that’s atypical in these areas to provide housing for a missing middle price point by increased the number of homes permitted per acre. Neighborhoods near the LYNX Blue Line are developing at a rapid pace as property values climb. The result is a number of higher-density projects within walking distance to the Blue Line.