Property Management Rates and Fees

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At My Home Leasing, we are only compensated once our owners are compensated. Our fee is taken directly from the rents we collect.   We are paid when we perform.

My Home Leasing’s monthly property management rate is 8% of the gross monthly rental amount. We maintain this management rate without charging any pre-paid initial advertising fees or set up fees.

Gross Monthly Rental Amount x .08 = Property Management Rate

For a complete breakdown of leasing fees CLICK HERE.

Included in our accounting and finance services, My Home Leasing will first collect funds from the tenant and deposit in our trust account. Our bookkeeper will verify that we have received good funds from the tenant and process rental proceeds for our owners. Owners will receive a rental proceeds check written from the My Home Leasing trust account and our fee is deducted from rents.  Each month the owner will receive a proceeds check in the amount of 92% (exclusive of any maintenance or brokerage fees).

For your convenience, My Home Leasing offers automatic deposits into a bank account of your choice. We are committed to providing beneficial, effective customer service for our landlords, while maintaining a competitive property management fee.

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