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Property Maintenance Services

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From electric repairs and to heating and air (HVAC) repairs, My Home Leasing will coordinate all property maintenance requests on your home. Our range of maintenance services are conducted by reliable, efficient vendors that have been hand selected by our dedicated property managers. We strive to provide 3rd party contractors billing at preferred rates. Unlike many other property management companies, My Home Leasing will work in non-emergency situations to make our owners aware of issues before repairs are ordered.  We do this for these two reasons:

1. We do not want any maintenance bill to come as a surprise to our owners.
2. We look forward to working with any vendor that you would recommend to work on your home.

Throughout all of our property management services, we strive to honor and uphold existing relationships or service contracts that our landlords may have in place.

It’s our goal to offer you customized maintenance service and minimize your maintenance bills while preserving your property and attending to the needs of your tenants.

No Maintenance Fee: Our bookkeeper will offer complete transparency in our maintenance billing process. Should maintenance service be necessary to preserve your property and comply with the tenant’s rights our property managers will order service from our preferred vendor list or a contractor of your choice. We offer various billing services for maintenance from direct owner payment to paying the bills on your behalf from rental proceeds.  There is no mark up or additional maintenance fee over and above the contractors billed amount. My Home Leasing does not benefit from additional maintenance or service on your home and will work to ensure that only legitimate maintenance requests are ordered and performed.

Maintenance Requests:  Maintenance request can be fielded 24/7/365. For tenant’s convenience, we offer three forms of maintenance request:

1. Email maintenance form
2. LIVE CHAT service
3. 24/7 live operator service

Our property managers are trained to identify solutions to maintenance requests that may avoid the need for a service call. We coach tenants on how to check various items from checking breakers to contacting utility providers. When we receive a non-emergency service request we will first contact the owner of the property to discuss the appropriate resolution.

Maintenance Reserve Fund:  In most cases, we will not divert rental proceeds or require the set-up of a maintenance reserve fund. However, for our owners who would benefit from the establishment of a maintenance reserve fund and are unable to respond to maintenance approval purchase orders, we are will provide trust accounting for maintenance funds of $500.