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Charlotte’s growing number of townhomes, condominiums, lofts, and flats offer you a choice of living arrangements to suit your personality and pocketbook, in choice parts of town where you could never dream of owning a single family dwelling.

You’ll enjoy maintenance-free living and the sense of community and security you’ll find with neighbors living close at hand. And instead of throwing away money on apartment living, you’ll be increasing your wealth by building value in a real estate asset.

Allow us to put together a custom search for you.

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If you’re a townhome buyer, we’re exclusively qualified to…

  • Save you time searching for the perfect unit. Because before we even leave the office, we’ll share with you floorplans, architectural styles, amenities, and fees for properties all over town, so you’ll only need to visit the units that suit your style.
  • Help you make the right offer – one that saves you money because it’s not too high, and that saves you the disappointment of losing the perfect property because of an offer was too low.
  • Close the deal. We’ll advise you on special issues involved in townhome and condominium sales, and help you find lenders and attorneys experienced in executing townhome transactions.

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